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#1 Reliable and Affordable Towing Company in Maywood, CA

Maywood Towing Pros is the premier towing company in Maywood, CA. We are a local, family owned company that has been dedicated to providing the best 24 hour towing and roadside assistance services for over five years.

We always strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible from the moment that our customers pick up the phone to call us. That is the reason that we also provide free quotes through this website. We want to be open with you about how much our services cost.

Our crew of towing experts have been trained through time and experience to handle all types of situation that can arise when it comes to roadside incidents. While all situations are unique and it definitely helps to look at each situation with a fresh perspective, we also have a wealth of experience to draw from so that we can handle your situation in a standardized, fair manner.

We work diligently everyday to provide our customers with a high level of service every day. To this end, we focus on three key areas to benefit our customers.

Our first focus area is speed. We understand that nothing is more frustrating than to have to wait for a tow truck to arrive when you are already behind your pre-planned schedule. While we are not perfect and external factors can impact our arrival time, we do our absolute best to get to our customer's location as quickly as possible.

The second area of our focus is cost. Whenever we have an opportunity to pass on cost savings to our customers, we do not hesitate to do so. If there is a more affordable option for you to solve the same vehicular issue, we will recommend that solution to you. After all, we too are customers of other businesses and we would want the same experience as customers of other businesses.

The third area of our focus is customer service. We know that we can't magically undo the situation that caused us to call us, but we will give our best effort to make your experience as frictionless as possible once you call us.

Thank you for choosing Maywood Towing Pros. We look forward to serving you!

Your Reliable Towing and Roadside Assistance Service in Maywood, CA

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Maywood Towing Pros offers a suite of services to fit the various needs of our customers. These services include:

Emergency Towing: If you are involved in an incident that requires a tow, our expertly trained staff can swiftly arrive at the scene and provide towing services that work best with your vehicle. This service is available anytime of the day.

Roadside Assistance: We can provide you with essential roadside help in the event that you are stranded and unable to drive your vehicle. Whether you have a flat tire or a dead battery, we will arrive to help you to provide you with the help that you need.

Flat Tire Change: If you have a flat tire and don't have the right tools or knowledge to fix the problem, then you can call us for help. We will either replace your flat tire with a spare or tow you to a nearby auto shop to get your tire patched or replaced.

Fuel Delivery: Sometimes, missing a gas station or long idle times induced by heavy traffic can cause motorists to run out of fuel. In those cases, we can provide a mobile fuel delivery service so that your car can get to the nearest gas station.

Jump Start: When a battery issue prevents your vehicle from starting, we can provide a jump start service at your location to revive your dead battery.

We are confident that we would be able to provide a high quality service that can serve your needs. Call us today to explain your situation so that we can help!

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Accidents and breakdowns can happen at any time, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Maywood Towing Pros offers fast, affordable towing services that are available 24/7. Our team of experienced drivers will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Maywood Towing Pros?

There are many towing companies near Maywood, CA, so what makes Maywood Towing Pros the right choice for you? One of the defining characteristics of our towing company is that we are well prepared and well equipped to deal with any complex roadside assistance situations that you may be involved with.

Whether you have an automatic transmission car with the engines sputtering or a manual classic car that needs to be handled with care, our professionally trained crew know how to deal with each situation with poise and flexibility.

One of the big reasons that we embarked on this business is that we are passionate about cars. You can be assured that we will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. So if you tell us the make and model of your car, we can recommend a towing service that would work best for your given situation.

How does that materially impact you as the customer? This means that we do not apply a one-size fits all solution when it comes to towing. Where there is an opportunity to save costs, we pass those cost savings directly onto you. If we believe that your car doesn't need a flatbed tow, then we will recommend a more affordable option, because you deserve to know that a cheaper solution exists.

On the other hand, if your car does require a little TLC, then we will ensure that we let you know how we can best protect your car from any additional damage.

We are quick to respond to our customers needs and we try our best to arrive before the ETA communicated to our customers. Raising the bar daily requires patience and persistence, but we know that our efforts to provide our customers with the best service pays off in the end.

So if you are looking for a towing company that combines speed, cost, and quality, then you should choose Maywood Towing Pros today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What service do you provide?

We offer vehicle towing and auto assistance services near Maywood CA. Our operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist our customers. We tow light and heavy vehicles as well as motorcycles and exotic cars. Contact us to see if our towing service is the right for you.

How much does it cost?

We are confident that we provide one of the most affordable prices in Maywood, CA. That is the reason that we have a feature to provide you with a free quote on our website. Call us today for a quote for your towing or roadside assistance service needs.

How fast is your service?

We typically arrive on site to assist our customers between 20 to 30 minutes after the initial call. While we like to add a buffer to help us deliver on that promise, traffic and other external factors may cause delays in our arrival. We ask for your understanding in advance in such cases.

What areas does your service cover?

We primarily cover areas near Maywood, CA. That may include Huntington Park, Walnut Park, Vernon, Bell, and more. Please give us a call to find out if we are currently providing a service at your current location.