Jump start service in Maywood, CA

Are you having a car battery issue? If you believe that your car is not starting due to a battery issue, we can travel to your location and jump start your car for you. Call us today.

Jump Start and Roadside Assistance Services in Maywood, CA

battery issues resolved by a jump start

If you need a jump start in Maywood, CA and don't have access to the necessary equipment or know how, then don't worry. You can call a tow truck service like us who will help you out. Here is what we will do:

We will first assess the situation. We will determine if it is safe for them to provide a jump start. If it is safe, then we will proceed with providing the jump start. We will connect the jumper cables to the battery of the dead car and to the working car. Once the connection is made, we will ask you to start the engine of the working car. Once the engine of the working car has started, we will disconnect the jumper cables and leave.

As you can see, our jump start services are simple and efficient. If you need a jump start in Maywood, CA, then do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to help you out.